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What are the stages of the "AMSA Challenge" process?
The AMSA open innovation challenges managed by Expande include the following stages:
(1) Scouting: the challenge is presented to the ecosystem with challenge backgrounds available at https://expandemineria.cl/desafios/?lang=en. At this stage the call is open to applications.
(2) Prospecting: stage in which, if necessary, further information on the proposed solution is requested.
(3) Pre-qualification: depending on the background presented by the companies, and in a competitive context, the solutions with the greatest innovative merit will be pre-qualified. The selected companies are invited to the next stage.
(4.1) SAVE THE DATE: The dates of Demo day are sent by e-mail. In this same communication, the link to the documents related to the challenge is provided.
(4.2) Demo day: Session in which suppliers present a conceptual proposal to the professionals of the mining company, who evaluate to decide which proposal continues in the process.
(4) Technical and Economic Proposal Reception: This stage is only for those selected by the mining company after their participation in Demo Day.
(5) Evaluation Process: AMSA receives the proposals and evaluates them.
(6) Closing: Expande notifies the closing of the process, if it was awarded or declared deserted. For further understanding, please review the milestone diagram.
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